Make defrosting a thing of the past with Bosch NoFrost. Learn more here.


NoFrost reduces humidity and stops ice forming

Defrosting your freezer has always been a hassle. Not anymore. Thanks to NoFrost technology, manual defrosting is a thing of the past. Because it prevents the build up of ice. The innovative NoFrost technology transports warmth and humidity from the freezer to an evaporation dish, which reliably stops ice forming.


Quick and gentle freezing process

And because the food is frozen quickly and gently, all stored items are not covered in a layer of ice.


Saves energy, saves money

NoFrost technology has yet another advantage. No ice means less energy is used to keep the right internal temperature and this is good news for your electricity bill.


Never defrost again

NoFrost saves you time for the important things in life.

This is NoFrost - The ’no more defrost’ technology. Saving you time, effort and energy costs.

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